(UK) Participant research – notes from reflective diaries (LT group)

Vaidė Legotaitė

The hospitality and sociality of British people, extremely active and interactive tea / coffee drinking tradition – one of the best-defined stretches in the line – drawing of the impressions of the Project.

Happy for the existence and activity of such projects, which are useful for number of explorations, communication between countries, progress of the individuals, LEARNING by experiencing by taking part in concrete action in concrete surroundings.

Being part of the Project … well it inspires work, to create and communicate.


Gintarė Kazakevičienė

What is the smell of England. It’s hard to say: maybe blooming, grass or it is stuff all around or just a great spirit?


So, I came home finally.  Suddenly I realized, that it was so fast: journey, people, university, reflections, food, hotel, blooming… I am walking in my room and I have a feeling, that I miss something. Yah, I miss my soul, who is still there…


I like to communicate, to think, just to be with people. I liked reflections in England. But I noticed one thing: all my thoughts were like a hot soup, it was in full swing so I could not to eat it. But now, when I’m at home I can say, that this soup is ready to taste.


Martyna Laukaitytė

Staffordshire University – is the place where your dreams can come true. All possibilities. Lecturers kidness. Work places. Tools. And….amazing team which is working with community art. Want go back there.

Ieva Ščervianinaitė

It was:
a. fun
b. fast
c. useful
d. lovely
e. and of course amazing


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