I LT study trip participants

Project participants come from three countries: Lithuania, Poland and United Kingdom. Each of the six study trips will be a possibility to do research, explore, learn and practice community arts and culture animation. Each travelling group will consist of about 15 people: 5 for each country.



  • Art research trainee (the second course)
  • Related studies – political science
  • Interested in Cultural Policy
  • Child line volunteer
  • A member of  ŠRVJOS

Has practice in fine art (finished art school)
Participated in some workshop projects.
My name is Sigita and I am interested in history of arts and also political science. I do not
know really what to tell about myself. I am hardworking, self-confident,
responsible and also I am very curious, because I like to know new things. I
did not know about culture animation, when I decided to participate in this
project, I find out what it is. I think it is very interesting part of our
arts. I am very sociable, so I like to attend in many projects. I hope that this
project will get me new experience, new friends, and give me a opportunity to
know about culture animation more.


  • Art research trainee
  • Interested in contemporary art
  • Interested in cultural projects.

Hello dear people!
I am Giedrė Legotaitė & words that could describe me most identifying
are: loving & socializing. I think these two words define cultural
animation in the best way as well. That’s why I am in this project & what I
expect to get from it. I haven’t done much in cultural animation field yet, but
that’s just temporary! I participated in different projects at gymnasium few
years ago though. I am about to get (crossed fingers) my bachelor degree in art
research specialty at Vytautas Magnus University this June.

One more thing to add – art is all around us. People do art (for example: in communities). They
are reflecting their selves. Mostly – they have what to show or tell. Let’s not
miss it!

Best wishes,
Giedrė Legotaitė


  • Art research trainee
  • A member of
    International Films maker association”Freimas”
  • Have some practice
    in fine art (ceramics)
  • Participated in
    international projects and workshops
  • Have done a few
    projects about culture
  • Participated in
    the first part of Localise project in UK.


  • art critic
  • Have some practice
    in fine art – went to art school
  • Participated in
    international projects
  • Have done a few
    projects about culture
  • Interested in fine

I am twenty years old art criticism
trainee in Vytautas Magnus University.
  Of course, first off all I am interested in the
culture and especially art.
 I do not, however, have any previous experience of activity
in the cultural animation projects, but I have took part in the other projects
related to culture, like “Europe in the art puzzle” and “We want to know you”.
Also have experience in various activities and events, which I got in the youth
organization “Youth 7” and school council. I hope what in this project I will
get new experience, new knowledge and will meet interesting people.


  • PhD in drama studies
  • Founder and director of NGO “Kultūros kiemas”
  • Coordinator of Theatre club
  • Graduate of sociocultural anthropology
  • Interested
    in collaboration art and culture animation projects



Joanna Kubicka works in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University, she is also the Head of the „Cathedra of Culture” Association (www.katedrakultury.pl). She is a team member of the specialization „Cultural Animation” run in the Institute of Polish Culture – in everyday work she combines theory and practice by being an academic teacher and coordinating different kinds of projects both for practicioners and local communities. She is one of the coordinators of LOCALISE project.



Małgorzata Adamczyk is involved with the Institute of Polish Culture and, at the same time, law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She is an active member of Scientific Association “Collegium Invisibile”. While being active in other Polish NGOs she also fights discrimination wherever possible and gets involved in all kinds of inclusion programs. She also worked in various ethnographic and culture animation projects. Lastly she coorganized a urban game in Warsaw.

Kamila Bannach has graduated at special pedagogy. Now she is involved with  Institute of Polish Culture, specialization: “Culture Animation”. She is not concentrating on taking part just in one cultural area, but is willing to discover as much disciplines as possible. She believes it will help her to gain enough experience to be able to create something unique for social community. Kamila used to work with mentally disabled people by directing shadow theatre performances. Also she participated in an international “Week for disabled” theatre groups, drama in education workshops and lots of activities for community arts. Her hobby and family tradition is photography.

Anna Jastrzębska works as a culture journalist for one of the Polish weekly magazines. At the same time she is involved with The Institute of Polish Culture, Warsaw University (specialization “Culture Animation”). She has experience in working with local communities in Poland and abroad (e.g. Multicultural Centre in Prague, Czech Republic). At present she runs workshops for women (e.g. creative writing, hand-made jewellery desing). She loves contemporary cinema, Italy and dr. House.

Dorota Marszałek is involved with the specialisation “ Culture Animation” in the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. She works in the Center For Citizenship Education as a person responsible for two extremly different programs: one devoted to local culture and ethnology; the other dedicated to Young Entrepreneurs. As for her hobby, she is interested in the queer theory and anthropology of the body (especially in issues connected with education). She spends her free time on cooking, sewing clothes or cycling.


Dominika Sokołowska is involved with “Culture Animation” specialization at Institute of Polish Culture, Warsaw University. She also graduated of  the Ukrainian Philology at the Warsaw University. She is an activist for environmental non-profit organization for many years. She participated in the summer student program “Students help locally” where she had a chance to take a look at the challenges of local communities and organizations active in this environment. She believes in the tenet “Think globally, act locally”. She is interested in feminism, human rights and global social movements.http://filantropia.iq.pl/english.html


Jayne Crutchley

Hi my name is Jayne Crutchley. I’ve just completed my BA (HONS) in theatre arts and graduate fully in July. I am in the process of setting up my own community practice working with people at risk and young offenders and the community in general. I have a keen interest in using drama as therapy and hope to complete a MA in the future. I have a professional interest in the works of Agusto Boal and The Geese theatre, and the dramatic techniques that they promote. I also have an interest in combined community arts.
Other interests that I enjoy are post – modern theatre including the works of Caryl Chruchill , Sarah Kane , Edward Bond and Henrik Ibsen. My ambition is to promote combined community arts and use them to help the community and the people within the community.

Margaret Manuell

Actor (as Margaret Jackman) with many years professional experience; currently studying part-time  for an MA in Community & Participatory Arts at Staffordshire University.
MA Theatre & Performance Art (2002, distance learning Rose Bruford/Manchester University) B.A.
Soc. Sci. (Sociology) (1966, Leicester University)
With other theatre practitioners and community directors work with all ages with our not-for-profit company Shoebox Theatre on community theatre-related activities, using role-play, games, film-making etc.; working with dementia and intergenerational work a speciality.  Have worked within the TOTem project on telling stories about things, with partners Brunel University. Currently working on a funding application for a proposed a heritage project on iconic buildings in Tamworth, Staffordshire, which will probably be the basis of my MA thesis.
Mini-pic attached is of me in action in an Antipodean celebration for older people, exploring multiple British ethnicity in a project which won a Staffordshire University Diversity Award for Shoebox Theatre in 2006.

Loretta Harmer

My name is Loretta Harmer.  I design and make jewellery and table top sculpture.  I also work for a Community Interest Company called Redfolio which deliver art-based workshops in the health sector.
The workshops I deliver include enamelling, art techniques, handmade books and textiles. My current project is with the Probation Service and is called ‘Love Liberty’.
I have also taught in the Youth Offenders’ Unit in a women’s prison.
I have a first class honours degree in Three Dimensional Design and recently completed the Artists’ Professional Development Programme: Developing Arts for Health course at Staffordshire University.

Melissa Shervington

 Melissa is the Director and lead consultant and trainer at E.ngage Consultancy. She specialises in Social Regeneration and has a range of experience in community engagement & consultation, with a strong background and foundation in social housing and regeneration where she began her professional career at the tender age of 19.
Melissa also co directed a Community Interest Company ‘First Class Youth’ for five years where she developed and enhanced her skills in leadership, project management and youth/community engagement.
Development socialite
As well as exploring other avenues of personal and professional development, Melissa is also currently working towards an MA in Community Practice, which will provide her with the tools and knowledge to grow her business and excel in the area of Social Regeneration.
Community Involvement
Outside of her professional life, Melissa is also a Youth Leader at her church, where she regularly devotes her time to growing the youth department at a strategic and operational level, whilst involving the young people in the process to cultivate and mentor future leaders.
Melissa also often gifts her time to delivering personal development training and workshops to young women in need of direction.

 Robert James

(But goes under his professional name Robert Marsden) has worked in theatre in the UK and Europe since 1998 following graduating from the University of Wales. Rob is studying for an MA in Professional Practice at Middlesex University.
As well as working in commercial and subsidised theatre (plays, musicals, new work and pantomime); Robert has always balanced this with education and community work. Notable work in this sector in includes Associate Director New Vic Borderlines, using theatre and the arts as a way of working with disaffected young people, people at risk of offending, prisoners, as well as in mainstream educational establishments. Since 2007, Robert has also been a
lead co-ordinator of the GAME ON initiative in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire, using creative techniques to combat extremism and promote cohesion.
He also teaches Community Theatre Practice at Staffordshire University, where he also specialises in the theory and practice of acting and directing.


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