Junction 15

Junction15 Productions are an Emmy award-winning corporate and broadcast production company based in North Staffordshire. Founded in 2005 by two successful filmmakers, graduates of Staffordshire University, Andrew Rowell and Darren Teale, Junction15 have provided television broadcast productions for BBC, UK independent TV channels, Sky channels and NBC.

Junction15 have a reputation as producing films hard hitting content such as the Sky One commissioned and Bafta shortlisted Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict. They have also been commissioned by many charity organisations to produce social conscience films on sensitive topics, such as Bi-Polar Depression and Alzheimer’s.

Recently they were commissioned by ARCH housing providers of a domestic violence refuge. The result was Damage – a brutal yet unapologetic fictionalised portrayal of true stories as told to the filmmakers during the scriptwriting process, which we watched when we met Junction 15 during the study trip.



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