Friday 2011 June 24 – photos and programme (LT)

11:00 “Gruto parkas”
18:00 Pesentation of” National social integration institute” in Vilnius

Gruto Parkas Welcome!

The fifth day of our trip to Lithuania. I was very excited about what is happened this day, because this afternoon we supposed to go to Gruto Parkas – museum/cultural institution with Soviet sculpture exposition. Such a large amount of monuments and sculptures from the Soviet period
on a 20 ha area is a unique exposition in the world. In Poland on the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka there is The Socialist-Realist Art Gallery where we can see great collection of art of the Soviet period, with sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and posters.

For me, and my polish guys, it wasn’t a new experience to see all of those monuments and “to feel a spirit of Soviet time”, because it’s a part of our history.
For our English friend is was really surprised, firstly to see all of those exposition, secondly to understand how important for people from post-soviet republic is their history and how much influence does a history on our present and future. History is not that important as
social issues or current policy in cultural practices in UK. They’re focused on what’s going on now and they don’t look at the past as we do. It was probably the most interesting thing which I’ve learned about my trip to Gruto Parkas.

Writenn by Dominika Sokołowska (PL)


We arrived to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is one of the beautiful cities in our country. I was first time there, so everything gave me so many experience and good feelings.

We visited “National social integration institute”. One of the leaders of this institute talked about work, which helps people. He mentioned about “Forum theatre”. It is interactive way, how people can show what they want, what they can do that people do not feel outcast. He also described us the “Human library”. It is life of people (cultural, national, variety of mental, disability, drunkards, drug users).

They did many projects. For example, “Aggressive of Journalism”- it activities with people, who like to write, to talk about situation of themes, which is important of our life. Other project is “I love graffiti”- it was made in old town of Vilnius. Of course, many politics did not like it. Because this project “had destroyed the view of city”.

They also help people about business. How to make small idea to became real and make many money.

The sponsor of this institute is our government (culture and education). The four people work here and the other eight is volunteers.

He also said that most of people, whose are involve in this work, are young. Older people are not the basement.

Written by Sigita Varaniūtė (LT)


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