Burslem School of Art

The school was originally built to house students from all around the 6 towns that make up Stoke-On-Trent.  This was the case for several years but then had to conform to become part of the polytechnic education system and became part of a faculty of art.

The Burslem School of Art was once the powerhouse in developing world-renowned artist talent within the ceramics industry. For the last five years this 1905 historic Grade-II Listed Building has been run as an arts-based partnership – aimed at advancing education, training & employment and community development opportunities for local employment.

The School’s success has shown the way for new culture-led regeneration projects in Burslem town – such as Ceramica, the Queen’s Theatre, the Indoor Ceramics & Crafts Market, Burslem Port, and the Burslem Festival. Training to create new opportunities for training in art & design, and to assist employment prospects for the local community.”

(Burslem School of Art website)

Burslem School of art houses many rooms that they rent out to artists, community groups and over the past 10 years has developed activities and programmes with community groups.

It also houses exhibitions and is free for people to enter to look around.



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