Wednesday 2011 June 22 – photos and programme (LT)

10:00 Presentation of Cultural
center of Birštonas by center director Zigmas Vileikis
11:30 Presentation of International
project “Grynparkas” by Henrieta Miliauskienė (director of tourism center in
15:30 Meeting with artist Redas
+ presentation of art school


After great breakfats in “Punios Aidas” all participants gone to Cultural centre of Birštonas and met a centre director Zigmas Vileikis there. Zigmas told us about gaps and possibilities in Birštonas town and how they  solving all problems. It seems that Birstonas has very nice community and they are very very strong, like big whale (symbol of the town). That’s why Birštonas  hasn’t any debts to the governments. Everybody was very wonder-strucked of Cultural centre. All places are tooled very well for working with community.
This centre is very active as well in local events like Jazz, ecology, youth festivals and many celebrations. They are really proud of what they are doing and trying to bring good ideas to the town. We saw a real love to the place, where they are live.

Written by Martyna Laukaitytė (LT)


After lunch at the Cultural Centre we travelled to Alytus. On the coach we mixed the seating so that the different nationals could talk to each other about work, studies and personal life. Before going into the Art School to meet teacher/administrator/artist Diržys we had an informal feedback session in the park, about the previous day’s activities: what we enjoyed, what we don’t liked (or what we might have done differently). The visit to the Juškai museum had been greatly enjoyed – particularly the stories of the two brothers and the preservation and recording of language, songs and dances of Lithuanian, at a time when it was a criminal activity under Tsarist Russia. We enjoyed listening to examples of songs, and, later, participating in the straw plaiting workshop, though one or two would have preferred that Vida had not done the work for us, in some cases. Everyone enjoyed the play, with singing and dancing at the school – the energy and skill of the young players. We then mentioned the visit to the Cultural centre and the excellence of the buildings & programmes & expressed the importance it seemed to us that a project must be driven by an individual in group with vision, but also how important it was to have a strategy for handing on – for continuation. Then we went to look around the art school for 12-17 yr olds and saw some of their art, and how the school operated. We were guided by Diržys the bureaucrat! Afterwards we listened and talked to Diržys the artist – a delightful subversive who (for me, at least) was the nearest to (what I understand to be) an artist in the community that we have seen so far. He was funny and ironic, but his message of “no to art galleries” was clear and persuasive, and he explained his ideas and the projected “non-art” activities planned by international artists.

Written by Margaret Jackman Manuell (UK)


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