Monday 2011 June 20 – photos and programme (LT)

10:00 Presentation of VMU Faculty of Arts + “Menų centras“ („Arts centre“) + gallery “101” + “Menų virtuvė“ (“Arts kitchen”)
12:00 Get to know each other session
15:30 Presentation of youth center “Vartai” and “A.C.Patria”
 17:30 Diner in workshop style in youth center “Vartai”

In the white cube space in the nearby of ‘Metropolis’ three companies met to become one. After gathering together the plan of the ‘Monday’ was presented & begun immediately. Lithuanians’ curator Greta showed a presentation of VDU art faculty. Our guest Sigita presented arts center and answered questions about finance, format. There the company had a discussion, where was mentioned key issues like how business & art are unconnected in LT.

After that, Monika presented gallery ‘101’ & ‘Art Kitchen’ (short movies were played). For participants were interesting to know that gallery is for free and it doesn’t have it’s artists (does not sell art) and it emerged, that curators are still something very new in LT. ‘101’ money issue was discussed after which followed the gallery’s promotion issues. After the very first presentations in this study trip, all the participants were involved in the short games aiming to get to know each other. As we all already find out who is who ‘three-nation’ company went for lunch in traditional Lithuanian food restaurant in the old-town.

Written by Giedre Legotaitė (LT)


It began with a very traditional
Lithuanian lunch in a very dark basement.

Its seemed to be traditional- but we soon realised it was fabricated. My choice of food was recommended by the Lithuanian project coordinator- dunplings! Boiled Suet with spice and pork. Nice but slimey! It was extremely heavy and it was ok but lacked texture. It was very heavy- I managed one. Not necessarily something I would try in a hurry again!

We were taken to a local community project within the backstreets of Kaunas. The project is supported by the International award for young people. The club is volunteer run and is open access to young people mainly aged 14-25- although some older people attend.

I spoke to some of the young people who used the pub- and they explained how important it was for them. They said it was where they could meet up, express themselves and how it was important to have the opportunity to learn instruments and express themselves creatively- and have the opportunity to learn skills and feel valued as young adults.

I participated in a group activity with some of the young people playing a card game and I asked for someone to take a photo- I was upset that I offended him because I had asked permission but he had not understood. But it got sorted.

There was also a presentation about the Textile Bieniale. It was interesting to find out about how different materials and prints are used. It would have been more of an experience to feel and touch the weaving that we did. The venue was very dark and still operating as a youth centre so it was difficult to concentrate. We would loved to have seen more of the stuff which is on the website/ prospectus. It was strange to have a formal presentation amongst a youth centre!

Later on in the evening there was a meal prepared by each country- and international dish. The idea was great but the practicalities and the space did not quite work. The idea was for the youth to integrate- which had happened but this had become an experience. There were some health and safety issues due to space- we prepared with a band playing behind us- and the equipment didn’t quite work. So by the end, some things got done but not quite enough to sample each others dishes. It is a shame because it would have been a good time early on in the project to get to know each other.

Written by Jayne Crutchley (UK) 



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