(LT) Suvalkija and Dzūkija – Participant Research: reflection of Giedrė Legotaitė

This study trip was quite new to me! I didn’t quite know what to expect and what not to, but I expected a lot.

Starting with the beginning: not all of the presented activities, artists and organizations were well known for me, as the participant from the country, where the study trip took place. That is why it was, I believe, not less interesting for me then the foreigners.

But one of the most important things was that while exploring Lithuania’s situation in cultural animation I was able to compare in parallel with UK and Poland experiences by communicating with the participants during the discussion time. While meeting the leader of youth center Žilvinas, I was able to realize this center’s position in community and how that kind of centers works, for example, in UK.

There were very positive emotions after visiting the Juškai museum and finding out about the huge value for our national community that these historical persons did in the past.

Of course there was an excitement to meet Lithuanian artist in Druskininkai such as Auksė Petrulienė or Jūratė Kazakevičiūtė, who shared their art and its connection with people, the issues that lets say Jūratė’s “an attractive” art is raising. On the other hand, there was a bit of disappointment that not all artist were so sharing with the information about the projects done with the local community.

There was a bit of disappointment, that the study trip participants were most excited about Vilnius and did not get the importance of decentralization (activities across the country and in countryside). Maybe it’s because many of us were impressed with the presentation of ‘National Social Integration Institute’ (Vilnius).

To conclude, I liked that there was that kind of thing like Final evaluation which showed the general positive opinion about this study trip despite the weak sides on this trip.

As I mentioned in the very beginning, I was expecting a lot and I did get it, the most important, I have a whole new picture how that kind of study trips are working (from the inside and outside). It’s valuable to think about the future and not forget the present.

Giedrė Legotaitė


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