Institute for Social Integration

Institute for Social Integration  – this organization creates and applies social innovations, which supports the integration of the persons from various socially vulnerable groups within the manifold society.

The institute has convoked the initiative team, composing from office and external experts, in order to ensure this aim.  This team is implementing four continuous programmes and creates new ones.

Ž is distinctive by application of the complex problem solving pattern, direct inclusion of the  of the socially vulnerable groups and  youth in the public activities.

Mission – is integration of the socially vulnerable groups within society.

We implement the mission:

  • By the support for the both stakeholders – the socially vulnerable groups and the society at large – in order to get to know each other, to destroy myths and superstitions, to develop mutual understanding.
  • By the promotion of the active participation, inclusion of the socially vulnerable groups within active economic and social activities.
  • By the protection of the Human Rights and raising their understanding among the youth.

These aims are ensured by the four continuous programmes, which are implemented by carrying out the projects.

Programmes carried out by the Institute:

1. Programme: Living Library (

The aim of this programme is to destroy the myths about the socially vulnerable groups, to create the conditions for these groups in order to represent themselves.

Widespread prejudices are changed, understanding is raised with the help of the source, having the most influential psychological affect – direct contact and personal experience.

2. Programme: Young Journalists ( )

The aim of this programme is to represent socially vulnerable groups within the media objectively and ethically, to contribute for the educational processes of the objective, ethical media.

This programme recognizes talented young journalists during the period, when their writing skills are being shaped. It motivates them, provides information, supports and enables for the socially responsible activity.

3. Programme: All Different – All Equal ( )

The aim of this programme is to enable young people to participate actively within creation of the peaceful communities, which are based on diversity, social inclusion, mutual understanding.

This aim is being pursued by educating about Human Rights, promoting active participation. It is implemented with the reference to non-formal, informal and formal education methods and by invoking the network of peer educators.

4. Programme: I Love Graffiti ( )

The aim of this programme is to solve the social problems in the language of youth – graffiti language:

Programme is composed from the social advertisement creation through the graffiti, annual event “Between the Baltic Way and the Berlin Wall”, tidy and colourful city (prevention of the illegal graffiti in the city).


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