Vilkija amateur theater “Vision” (Kaunas region)

Theater operations involving different ages of Vilkija campus community.

Vilkija amateur theater “Vision”will complete its 27 season. It was founded and is still directed by the director Irena Štilpaitė.

Most performances designed to the separate age groups, but in preparation for 2009 – the Year of the World Lithuanian Song Festival “Age glee” creating this play, starring children, young people and adults.

“The Legend of Vilnius Castle”, designed in accordance with Vladas Mozuriūnas, Balys Sruoga and Kestutis Lukėnas text tells the story of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas times (XIV century), which was started in Gediminas Castle, and around it was created the current Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

Grand Duke Gediminas, returning from the war with the Crusaders, on the current Tauras hill, decided to stay here overnight with his men. At night he dreamt of a howling Iron Wolf. The interpretation of that dream says that gods desire is that there should be built a castle. When the  construction of the castle started, the Prince asked the elder priest for advice on what to offer as a  sacrifice for the gods, so that the castle would be  strong and secure. Soothsayer advised snatched sacrifice a young Lad. But the Lad knew how to avoid death. Then the priest commanded to sacrifice a virgin. But the cornerstone of a tower took only flowers from her hands. That was enough for the gods, and because of thisGediminasCastleTowerstill stands, telling a story about ancient times, and not only is a symbol ofVilnius, but the wholeLithuaniatoo.


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