Youth centre „Gates“ („Vartai“)

Youth centre connected to a NGO – Actio Catholica Patria – that has been promoting volunteering activities inLithuaniafor a long time. Our clients are between 14 and 20 years of age, coming from all kind of backgrounds.

In our youth centre we develop several activities in which our clients are free to participate, such as drama, guitar, drums or shuffle lessons, language clubs (spanish, french, portuguese, italian and english), as well as some temporary workshops of diversified contents (anime, board games). Also, every Friday we have cullinary evenings with movies and discussions after them (movies usually are related with youngster’s life, relationships with parents, friends, etc…)

However, having adopt the german concept of “open youth centre”, our main goal is to provide a space where they can come and feel truly welcome, free to proceed as they prefer, participating in these activities, playing table games, or pure and simply just spending some time with their friends. Sometimes they organize their own activities, such as anime afternoons or face painting, or even cooking in the centre.

All this happens under the supervision of a qualified team of social workers.




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