Art gallery 101 + “Menų virtuvė“

Gallery 101 it is a place for academic community and education, which has a mission – become important cultural centre of Kaunas city. Gallery includes academics and professional art activities. Gallery “101” takes very important part not only in structure of art faculty  like an education meetings  place, but acts like a open cultural place for public. In three years working period of this gallery, where were organized local and international exhibitions, shows of movies, public lectures, workshops, meetings with artists and discussions.

This place attract people not only offering interesting events, but and creating space for creative young people. “Menų virtuvė“ it is scene of young artists, where they have possibilities to realize their ideas and projects. If  activity of  gallery is more academic and educative, „Menų virtuvė“ invite students to discuss, to meet young artistic people, to organize first exhibitions, short workshops and simple to create. This initiatives is supported by group of young enthusiastic volunteers, who help in working  with gallery projects.


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