Antanas and Jonas Juškos Ethnic Culture Museum

The museum contains the information about the people (brothers Antanas Juška and Jonas Juška), who have historical and ethnic value for Lithuania, Lithuanian and neighborhood countries languages. Brothers collected and wrote down native Lithuanian songs, games, worlds that were about to extinct (made dictionary in Lithuanian-Polish-Russian-Latin).

The founder of the Museum is the Kaunas District Municipality.
The collection of the Museum is composed of the following:
The A. and J. Juška archives;
The collections on history of folklore;
The collections on history of this land;
The collections reflecting the history of the  Museum’s building;
The collections of ethnic household articles and folk art works from the environs:
The library.

A. and J. Juška life and works;
People of the Vilkija land and their domestic life.
The Museum arranges exhibitions of folk and professional paintings, sculpture, ethnographic works, modern textiles and drawings.“ (Taken from the museums of Lithuania website.)

To find out more about the individual exhibitions and collections please follow the link to the website below.


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