International project “Grynparkas”

It is international culture and ecology festival, that takes place in Birštonas. Festival Birštonas‘ greenpark  first time was organized in 2009. Birštonas is a spa town in Lithuania situated on Nemunas River.

The aim of this festival is to create together with other artists from other countries and by doing that to involve to creation process as much art lovers as possible. The main goal of this festival is to create a healthy and cultured landscape which is good to be at, create and live.

„The program of the festival proposes new performances created by Lithuanian artists: concerts, electronic music party, theatre performances for youth and children. The artistic program is followed by numerous ecological activities: creative workshops, fair, games in the forest.“ (Taken from the website of art )

This festival is very useful for town inhabitants, because Greenpark creates connection with them all together, Birštonas’ community makes a contribution by participating, volunteering.

To find out more about the individual exhibitions and collections please follow the link to the website below.


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