Bródno is a housing estate in Targówek, a Warsaw district located on the eastern side of the Vistula river, and it concentrates most cultural activities of Targówek.

Since the district is situated a long way from the city centre, most of its cultural and social events are conducted by the local authorities. It is also the work area of Paweł Althamer, a well-known Polish artist and a local activist. The projects are focused on revitalizing the public space along with developing the local community. One of the most interesting is the Bródno Sculpture Park, a long-term undertaking that tests the contemporary formula of ‘social sculpture’ and sculpture in the public space in general. The other one is the REBLOK project, which involves the government, the local authorities, non-governmental organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and residents in discussions and actions on cultural and social aspects of the revitalization of Communist-era housing estates.

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