It is a district of Warsaw located in its very heart. Yet, Ochota is known for many peaceful areas where you get the impression that the city centre is far away. Also unique are the areas that were not ruined during the Second World War.

Ochota has 21 cultural institutions, the biggest of which is OKO – Ochota Cultural Centre  http://www.oko.com.pl/uploads/english.pdf. There are also many small clubs-cafés that organize all kinds of events for people of different age. Ochota residents are known for their social activity and organising social debates.


Tarczyńska 11

At present, it’s a club without its own venue. All events take place in cafeterias, schools and clubs near Tarczyńska Street, in the Ochota district. The club’s building will soon be renovated. In the future, it will be a club created by Ochota residents – artists, students and culture animators. To them, culture means not only art but also community service and studying people’s needs.



Kolonia Cafe

It’s a small club-café in the middle of Old Ochota. Though targeted at children, the café organizes other types of events and concerts as well. On Fridays they have open meetings with people, who work in different areas of culture and inspire others to discuss the world around us.



OMDO (The Model of Civic Dialoque in the Ochota District)

It’s an initiative of Polish sociologists and the Ochota authorities. Ochota residents and its authorities needed to develop a system for maintaining the dialogue on managing public areas in the district. In their opinion, the dialogue between the authorities and Ochota residents successfully limits social conflicts and engages inhabitants in the neighbourhood life. Everyone can take part in building their own ‘Small Homeland’ in the local area.



Ochocianie (Residents of Ochota)

They are Ochota residents of all ages, with different beliefs and political views. They all like living in Ochota, have an idea for their neighbourhood and want to make their district a better place. In their opinion, inhabitants should take part in the most important decisions that influence living in Ochota. They expect the authorities to hold genuine social consultations. They want schools, kindergartens and playgrounds in Ochota to be renovated.



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