Podkowa Leśna

Podkowa Leśna (pronounced: poht-KOH-vah LESH-nah) is a town located 25 km from Warsaw, with a population of 4000. Founded in 1925, the town is surrounded by the forest on three sides and has numerous green areas. That’s why Podkowa Leśna is called a ‘garden-town’. The town is famous for its unique urban architecture and many buildings from the interwar years. The community of Podkowa Leśna has always been exceptionalas regards the civic spirit as well as the cultural and artistic life. The town is the home of numerous artists, academics, musicians and architects.


The guide to the Garden-City Podkowa Leśna (in English):



Culture and Civic Initiative Center

Dynamic since the day its work began, Civic and Culture Inititive Center has already had a very real impact on the local community in Podkowa Leśna – as well as on the Garden-City’s neighboring communities. The cultural center has initiated and supported a range of local projects, and has thereby contributed to strengthening community spirit and raising awareness of how all of inhabitants of Podkowa Leśna may pro-actively participate in jointly creating their own “local homeland”.

More:  http://www.ckiopodkowa.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=77&Itemid=53&lang=en


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