The Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’

The Association educates young people through artistic activities, teaches them how to accept new challenges and helps them to find the way to realise their ideas. It works on both local and nationwide levels. The Association is known for projects ‘Young cultural managers’, ‘Seniors in action’, ‘Animatornia’ and research projects implemented all over Poland.

‘The Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” has been conducting social actions throughout Poland since 2002. For the last few years, we have also been revitalising the cultural and social space of Warsaw. We invite residents to encounter photography, film, graphic art and the written world. We initiate debates between Warsaw’s activists and the city’s administration, and examine the state of cultural institutions. We cooperate with creatives from different realms of arts. The aim of our projects is to inspire action and dialogue with reality. We want to construct events that bring the capital’s residents together and make them feel they develop their interests through participation in social and cultural life as well as – if not primarily – create a positive image of their city. ’


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