II UK Study Trip (London and South East England) Participants

 UK participants:

The first meeting for all participants taking part in the UK group for the 4th Localise Study visit took place last week.  As a way to get to know each other we created mini postcard memoirs.  Below are our creations!… Still to come is Sandra Hall’s card, watch this space!

Jane Goetzee  is a Liverpool-based artist and has worked in community arts for twelve years. She has a particular interest in how community engagement processes reflect perceived identities and how cultural representation and the language used around community arts affects mythologies of illness and disability.  Her main artistic media are live and edited voice.  She is a published poet and cartoonist and loves pens.

Sam Rushton  is a theatre practitioner and actress.  I specialise in the body, emotions and non-linear text and find it interesting exploring how voice, sound, bodies and actions work as a powerful tool for communication and expression.  I have a keen interest in community arts through working in the Creative Communities Unit at Staffordshire University and also have strong links with local primary schools, 6th form colleges and amateur theatres and companies throughout Staffordshire.  I also have a strong interest in Contemporary dance, surrealism and anthropology.

I have a BA Hons degree in drama, physical theatre and dance and am planning to do a Masters degree in London in a few years.  I am involved in work with the Stoke-On-Trent Repertory theatre which is a professional working theatre and voluntary organisation. (Any money we make goes straight back into the thear.)I have worked in Primary schools, theatres with youth and adults actors.  I am also a member of a community arts drama organisation.  We plan, write, produce and direct site specific interactive drama stories around parks and encourage the community to get involved.  This is a relatively new project and we have already faced some challenges but also many great successes.  I enjoy sports, running and eating cake!

Janet Hetherington – I have combined academic and professional experience throughout my working life, and have been actively involved in arts and health as the Arts Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for over 8 years.

I have a BA Combined Honours in Drama and English and a MA in Theatre Production. I have also undertaken a Postgraduate certificate in Community Practice.

My work has focused on using the arts to help support and develop social change.  In particular I have been interested in how you can use arts to engage children and young people in decision making processes- especially in the ( diverse) fields of healthcare sector  and arts management.

Other work has included working in a news bureau for young people in Newcastle for Save the Children, developing arts programmes for children and young people’s services and developing family friendly strategies, training and consultancy for cultural organisations. One aspect if this work is that I have developed an approach to engage families in consultation processes within the cultural sector and have undertaken projects for Audiences North East and Audiences Central and worked with venues including the Sage Gateshead, the National Indoor Arena and Seven Stories.

Kirsty Hillyer – one half of Frilly, a West Midlands based participatory arts organisation. Likes to read and  is a cat whisperer. Having worked in participatory arts for 9 years now, in various roles and guises, I want to see arts and creativity embedded into how we live and work as a nation in order to see positive, social change and enabling communities and professionals to realise their creative potential. My twitter profile may tell you I ride a seahorse to work but really I just catch the train. I’m colourful and opinionated which is probably why I studied History of art at Warwick University all that time ago. Frilly uses visual arts to engage people in exploring their own creativity and skills as well as a range of social issues pertinent to their lives.  I’ve programme managed and facilitated a breadth of projects from creative workshops to under 5’s to improve their speech and language skills to commercial public art engaging local school children.  To see some of the things I’ve been up to with Frilly visit www.wearefrilly.com

Sandra Hall – as an artist I have trained and lived in Paris, Java Indonesia. From a career in plays and Television/film I took new directions; using drama in prisons and probation ‘Geese’ Theatre Company. I then delved into creating be-spoke performance +installation events at festivals with Lee Griffiths; using sculpture, installations we created atmospheric, temporary environments for non-traditional theatre, film and music work.
As Co-Director of Friction Arts with Lee Griffiths, we’ve been described as ‘making extraordinary art work in awkward spaces’. We’re committed to creating high quality experiences, processes and highly contemporary, often emphemeral  works as a result of working with people in different communities.  We are committed to site-specific work and enjoy working regularly in Birmingham with our own venue, The Edge, as well as commissions abroad such as US, South Africa, Australia and in 2012 Brazil. www.frictionarts.com

PL participants:

Zofia Dworakowska

I graduated theatrology and sociology. As a coordinator, curator, and participant I took a part in different kinds of projects connected with culture animation and alternative theatre. I am leading the Culture Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University and I am a coordinator of the LOCALISE project.

Olga Nowakowska

After graduation in the Ethnology I started to be involved at the Cultural Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. I have been doing performance art and scouting for 10 years. I have been working with children and elderly people and I am charmed by naïve art, DIY activities and eastward travels.

Sylwia Razuwajew

I graduated rehabilitation in the Academy of Special Education, and now I’m doing second specialization – Cultural Animation in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. I’m also doing training in National Center of Culture in Warsaw (position- admin one of the web page Platform of Culture). I coordinated and I was a part of two nationwide arts projects organized by Makata Artist Association: “Rapprochements” and “Wislostrada”. I am a saxophone player, so I participated in the jazz and electronic music international workshops. Hobby: music every time and everywhere, old polish films, analogue photography and street art.

Urszula Sęczek

I was born and grew up in Warsaw. I’ve finished Faculty of Education at Warsaw University and now I am involved at the Cultural Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. I have experience in creating art, theater and science projects for children. Now I am active member of an association where we make projects for teenagers. My interests are Scandinavian cinema and modern art. I really enjoy traveling, meeting new people and exploring new places. I love canoeing, cycling and dancing.

Karolina Urbańska

I’ve finished polish philology and now I’m involved at the Cultural Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University.  I organize everything I possibly can. The most important and the biggest project was college campaign V-Day to stop violence against women and girls. I work with children, youth, students and adults, as well. I have experience in making videos, photos, audience development, changing urban space to activate community, etc. I like sport, pop-culture, social campaigns and media, and I love challenges.

LT participants:


–        Trainee at of art criticism

–       A member of International Films maker association”Freimas”

–       Have some practice in fine art (ceramics)

–       Participated in international projects and workshops

–       Have done a few projects about culture.



–        Trainee at Theatrology and performing arts management, 1st grade master;

–       Interested in theatre therapy (especially in methodology of Theatre of oppressed);

–       Youth worker in Open youth centre;

–       Freelance trainer. Main interests: youth policy, human rights, intercultural education;

–       Made European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Italy for one year. Target group: immigrants from third world countries. Main activities: forum theatre, intercultural parties, cultural activities with local society, youth projects.



–       postdoctoral research fellow at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas)

–       university lecturer at Department of Theatre Studies, Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas)

–       member of national and international associations for humanities and theatre research



–       Trainee at art history and criticism.(3rd course)

–       Volunteer in a lot of festivals which are related with all kinds of art

–       Interesting in cinema and non commercial projects organizing

–       Cares what is the part of art in society and how could use it in different ways

–       Still wondering how many different conformations cultural animation has…



–       PhD at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas

–       research area: heritage of railways

–       fund custodian in Graphic sector at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery

–       lecturer at College in Kaunas



–       PhD in drama studies

–       Founder and director of NGO “Kultūros kiemas”

–       Coordinator of Theatre club

–       Graduate of sociocultural anthropology

–       Interested in collaboration art and culture animation projects



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