Art in the Park, Burgess Park London

Art in the Park is a charity, which delivers art based work to help improve the lives and environment for people in the local community. They use visual and performance based education and training workshops, and are involved in community, studio and public art projects. Andrea Sinclair is a senior artist at Art in the Park who has worked on a variety of projects including many years experience working with Special Education Needs (SEN) schools and groups in London and the Museum of London HUB project.

Andrea took us on a tour on the facility and explained its history, as well as facilitating a creative workshop with the group, and hosting a fantastic lunch. The facility includes workshop space, artist space and storage, a small kitchen and garden space. We were able to see how the space near Arts in the Park had been developed as a new play facility, a children’s centre and we saw some mosaics and creative work which Art in The Park had delivered with other organisations including Groundwork.


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