Cross-sectoral and Community Arts (Goldsmiths College)

Chrissie Tiller, Head of Cross- sectoral and Community Arts (Goldsmiths College)

Chrissie is the founder and director of the MA in Cross-Sectoral and Community Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. This was established in partnership with the National Theatre. Chrissie also works in the UK and internationally, both within the arts but also as a creative facilitator and leader in the corporate and business sector.

The MA at Goldsmiths was originally developed in partnership with National Theatre Education, and they continue to work with arts and community institutions in London. The MA in Community and Participatory Arts is for practising artists, arts graduates and workshop leaders. The course combines developing people’s practical skills with self-reflection, and aims to support people in incorporating creativity into socially engaged practice. Students work in education, health, youth, business, prison and community settings and help prepare people for working in community arts.


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