Active communities in London and South East England (UK)

London defines itself as the cultural capital of the world. Its museums, galleries  and theatres consider themselves as world leaders often with good reason.  However under the surface gleam, there lurks another London, a London of local communities with a diverse cultures often rubbing shoulder to shoulder with international tourists.

This study trip focuses on how communities in [...]. Read more

Holburn Community Association

Holborn Community Association provides a range of core services and special projects to everyone in the local community.

We used the community centre at Bedford House to host our welcome and evaluation meeting. The building provides space and resources to support the needs of the local communities. There are 2 centres and they are open to all local people. As part of their services they [...]. Read more

Wednesday 21 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Visit to the Tate

Talk and ‘workshop’ from Liz Ellis, with help from assistant Rosie (Curator).

Liz could not have been more welcoming and considerate. She gave her time and arranged for us to meet other researchers – two people from Canada who are visiting the Tate to observe how galleries connect with education.  We were given refreshments and Liz accompanied us into the galleries to [...]. Read more