Wednesday 21 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

10.30 -1 TateIntroduction to the work of the community programme
1 Sandwich lunch
2.30-4.45  Group 1: 2.30-4.45 Spare Tyre Workshop ,Merton Abbey MillsGroup 2: 2-4,Arts and Health, 2-4 Arts programme at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital
6.00 6.00 Meeting Arti, Spare Tyre Director

Visit to the Tate

Talk and ‘workshop’ from Liz Ellis, with help from assistant Rosie (Curator).

Liz could not have been more welcoming and considerate. She gave her time and arranged for us to meet other researchers – two people from Canada who are visiting the Tate to observe how galleries connect with education.  We were given refreshments and Liz accompanied us into the galleries to look at some of the work. We had to leave at one o’clock but the impression was that she would have been happy to talk longer. Liz wanted to tell us about what the Tate’s Community Learning project.

The session began with an  ice–breaker activity and an attempt to discuss the four artworks chosen by Liz, in the very noisy crowded galleries. She had wanted to use these activities to show the engagement methodologies that were used in the Community Learning projects at the Tate.  Liz asked the group to think about a theme of art and power in relation to the work we were viewing.

It was a busy day at the gallery and this posed some logistical problems in terms of how we participated in the session, but there were opportunities to see the gallery spaces and find out about how the gallery serves local community groups. Liz was very open about some of the challenges of developing this sort of work in such a prominent gallery.

Time was restricted but the group did a couple of gallery activities and these were followed by a discussion and a rushed lunch outside the Tate before running off to our next workshops.


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