London and South East England – II UK Study Trip

London contains some of the largest and smallest community, cultural and arts organisations in the UK; and we have tried to ensure that the participants have an opportunity to see how work is undertaken in a range of organisations.

Resilience is the theme, which we would like to consider as a discussion topic during the visit, and it is a theme, which connects all of our visits. The UK, and London in particular, is experiencing many changes. It is the year of the Olympics, London’s property market continues to grow and access to the arts has increased.

However, the State has withdrawn a lot of funding- and often support, within the cultural and community sectors and there are currently high unemployment levels, especially amongst young people. It is during these periods of tension and opportunity when people often have to re shape their services to fit the changing landscape that they are part of. For many this is difficult, but it can also be a period of great creativity and innovation, and as we carry out our visits we encourage you to examine how people and organisations are changing and responding to what is happening- and how you feel this will impact communities in the longer term.

The schedule includes a range of visits and experiences, and we have endeavored to incorporate a range of experiences.


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