Thursday 10th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

Cultural and Recreational Centre + local community centre


together with Culture House



Gabowe Grądy


The Cultural and Recreational Centre in Supraśl has been awarded in the competition for the best concept of a local cultural centre as part of the Domy Kultury+ (pl. Culture Houses+) programme run by the National Centre for Culture (NCK). The Centre in Supraśl primarily aims at organising recreational and sports as well as cultural activities, such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions. It also offers an educational programme, for instance music and arts courses. Seven commune ateliers for cultural education operate in the nearby towns as part of the Centre.

Riabina from Gabowe Grądy was founded in 1988. It is the only singing group of the Old Believers in Poland. They perform processions as well as old wedding songs and ballads in the Russian dialect. Following their tradition, they do not use musical instruments. Riabina has participated in many Polish folk festivals with great success.


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