(UK) London – (In)correct approaches by Martynas Petrikas (LT)

After a week rich in experiences and ideas one of them appeared to be constantly reoccurring: a great deal of artists and theoreticians we have met in London seemed to be preoccupied with the status of participatory art.

Interesting enough my own topic of enquiry before the study trip began was an issue relating to the same problem: i. e. how to recognize and keep up (or tear down) [...]. Read more

(UK) London – reflection by Silvija Butkute (LT)

“Localise” study trip to London was the third for me in all my participating experience in this project. After second journey to Warsaw, most of project members were inspired and got plenty of ideas. Warsaw showed us the power of culture animation, how it is useful and necessary for the people.

London was totally different. For example I had no ideas how culture animation works here [...]. Read more

(UK) London – notes from a reflective diary by Jane Goetzee (UK)

 Tuesday 20th March 2012 

Spare Tyre’s Tuesday afternoon session at Redbridge Community Centre  (connectedculture).

A group of 7 of us visited Redbridge to meet the group – a company of adults with learning difficulties who were preparing a performance based on machines, with the assistance of Nick – the musician, and Claire, the drama facilitator. This was the 9th week of rehearsals [...]. Read more