Malinki’ folk theatre

The ‘Malinki’ folk theatre from Malinniki was set up in 1998 (Polish: ‘Raspberries’ – a play on words related to the name of the village they come from). Nowadays, its activities are conducted in the Commune Culture Centre in Orla. ‘Malinki’ keep the local tradition and the language alive by performing songs characteristic of the village of Malinniki without accompaniment as well as [...]. Read more

Jan Józef Lipski Common University in Teremiski

The Jan Józef Lipski Common University in Teremiski is an unofficial, social institution of culture run by the Jacek Kuroń Educational Foundation. Both Jan Józef Lipski and Jacek Kuroń were thinkers and activists of the pro-democratic anti-Communist movement. During first years of its existence, the University aimed to break the barrier to the availability of culture and education [...]. Read more