The Volunteer Fire Department in ‘Boćki’

The Volunteer Fire Department in ‘Boćki’ (Polish: ‘Storks’) was founded in 1909. Apart from the male section (30 persons), there are two Young Volunteer Fire Sections (five boys and five girls) and a Female Fire Section (eleven women). The VFD has also the active Brass Band and the ‘Klekociaki’ (‘Clatterers’) Folk Band. The VFD is based in a brick, centrally heated fire station with [...]. Read more

Pocztówka Cultural Association, Policzna

The Pocztówka Cultural Association from Policzna was formed by a group of independent artists connected mainly with the theatre, but also with photography and music. Apart from artistic activities, the Wertep International Theatre Festival is the most important undertaking of the Association. The Festival is a travelling one and its performances are organised in the towns and villages [...]. Read more