(PL) Podlasie: Reflection of Rūta Morkūnaitė (LT)

Though this Localise trip over all was 5th, for me it was the first one. During the project we’ve visited lot of places, villages, tiny burgs, townships, communities and in every place we met people, who are using art (some form of art) as a tool to make a change in their community or ethnic group. The artists’ endeavour to incorporate people to some artistic activities is based not on just doing something for a doing, but on ideas, which are important for whole community. The main aim is to bring all people together for a help to save their identity, their oneness, also to open/show their abilities in different remit and try to help them to materialize this.

People come together who might not otherwise come into contact with each other. It also builds community identity and pride. It leads to positive community norms, such as diversity, tolerance and free expression. We should also mention that community arts doesn’t suggest categorically just one answer, one direction or one opportunity to change something. Community arts are just one of tools on purpose of the aim.

Community Arts works to nurture the potential that exists in all communities to be creative and to find a voice to express their concerns through and using the Arts. The core values of Community Arts practice inform the development and delivery of training and education for that practice. Learning can take place in a range of ways; it should be undertaken by those who may think they don’t need it, and accessible to those who think they can’t aspire to it, to raise the quality and the impact of the work. Information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts, that is, art made as a voice and a force within a specific community of place, spirit or tradition.


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