The Cultural Center of Kretinga

The cultural center of Kretinga region was founded in
1972. On 8th April, 2005, the Cultural Center of Kretinga region officially registered its name in Register of Legal Entities. The Cultural Center is located in a building area of 3255 square meters. The center has five halls – the grand hall (514 seats), hall of theater-studio “Atžalynas” (50 seats), two exhibition halls (173 sq. m. each.), dance hall (339 sq.m.). The Cultural Center of Kretinga region has 16 departments located in district towns and larger villages, with more than 100 employees. 64 culture experts lead 100 amateur art groups, classes and flocks, which brings together 1,100 participants.

The Cultural Center provides public and administrative services:

  •  concerts, theater performances of professional groups, and amateur art groups;
  •  amateur arts groups‟ competitions, clubs‟ activities;
  •  organization of public holidays;
  •  ethnic, educational activities and organization of calendar holiday celebration;
  • organization of festivals and creative camps;
  •  organization of exhibitions, displays;
  •  organization of entertaining leisure events.

The Cultural Center provides paid services:

  •  leasing of premises;
  •  organization of plays, concerts, discotheque for children and youth, adult evening dances.


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