Klaipeda Association of Youth Organizations “Apskritasis Stalas” (KLAS) (“Round table”)

Klaipeda Association of Youth Organisations “Apskritasis stalas” (KLAS) was founded in 9 October 1998. KLAS unites 25 youth and with youth working organizations, forms and realizes youth policy in Klaipeda city. KLAS also coordinates the activities of youth organizations, provide them important information, various services, conducts training for leaders of youth organizations on various topics, represent their interests in dealings with local authorities, the Lithuanian Youth Council and delegate youth representatives to Klaipeda City Municipality Youth Council.

Mission: To connect and represent Klaipeda youth organizations and to promote quality of youth participation in public life.

KLAS is a member of European network association “Youth4media”. This association is giving young people a voice through digital media. It is a European association of 36 organizations from 24 countries working in the field of community media and civil society. Together, the youngsters of the European partner institutions organize cross-border networks of youth media work. They promote political and intercultural dialogue by means of audiovisual media.



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