Žuvies akis (Fish Eye)

The group “Fish Eye” (“Zuvies akis”) was established in 2002, and joins young artists of Klaipėda city, representing different genres of art: design, choreography, modern dance, sculpture, art critics.
The name of the group is related to the character of group’s activities (openness to innovations, artistic experiments, energy and knowledge) as well as particularity of the city (the only harbor of Lithuania).
The main aims of the group are to unite young artists, to help them get integrated into the cultural life, to induce them to improve both in the sphere of ideas and technologies; to organize various cultural events, to present cultural talents to society and to collaborate with perspective artists from Lithuania and foreign countries; thus to make cultural life of Klaipėda and Lithuania more active and diverse.
Fields of group’s activities:

  • Initiation and organization of various cultural events, especially modern dance performances, and open-air projects;
  • Organization of the annual International Festival of Contemporary Arts “PLArTFORMA”;
  • Development of collaboration and communication between Lithuanian and foreign artists;
  • Stimulation of activity and diversity of cultural life in Klaipėda, and thus in all Lithuania.



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