Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

The mission of Klaipėda Culture Communication Center is to present the points at issue, tendencies, and process of creation of art to the society with the help of contemporary art forms and means. To develop and induce the relationship between the artist and the recipient of his art work with the help of up-to-date information methods and artistic forms, help the artists of the city integrating into the national and international context, reduce social exclusion between the creators of different art regions and the end-users of culture.

Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (hereinafter referred to as KCCC) was founded in 2005. The creative structure of one of the biggest art centers in Lithuania today comprises the Exhibition Hall, International Art Residence and Studio, the Culture Portal www.kulturpolis.lt.


KCCC organizes national and international contemporary art projects, performs/dissemination of cultural information, develops creative industries, presenting own and other organizers’ projects. KCCC establishes conditions for exhaustive presentation of art tendencies in Lithuania and the rest of the world. These activities are aimed at active reflection on social, curating, art criticism, other contemporary art subjects as well as promotion of debates in the community of end-users of culture.

Besides the exhibition organization activities, KCCC also presents experimental events of modern music and cinema, organizes meetings with the artists, art curators and art critics, seminars and lectures to review the points at issue and tendencies of the art.


Arts and Crafts Courtyard, administered by KCCC, is a unique cultural segment in the seaport, which has united the initiatives of demonstration of creative work and young artists as well as integration of various social groups into the process relating to the knowledge of art.

In four all-year-round open workshops local and residing artists have a possibility to not only present their creative work, but they also take part in educational programs for children and adults, conduct workshops and classes on professional excellence.



The culture portal www.kulturpolis.lt, administered by KCCC, is on the air since 2009. The portal is aimed at analyzing and reviewing the Lithuanian art stage, presenting tendencies, points at issue, information about art competitions, residences, and the biggest art events in the world.


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