(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – Karolina’s reflection (LT)

The trip was very wonderful, exciting and inspiring. Since studying art criticism, I am interested in education – the trip was worthwhile, it broadened my knowledge. This is an opportunity that was worth using. I am glad that I was selected to travel to Localize project last trip.

Impressed by ‘Fish Eye’ activities. Movement therapy for people with disabilities requires a large amount of work and dedication. Besides seeing people with disabilities to experience the joy of inner peace, communication, happiness – tapped my heart. I was really interesting and helpful to see an example of art therapy, therapy based on the idea of art.

For me the most interesting meeting was with Modestas Vitkus in Open Space Youth Centre. This is a very nice idea, which is based on youth policy. Young people in our society really need this kind of initiatives, because in Lithuania there are a lot of unmotivated youth. However, we are glad that there are people who care about young people, some of them set up such wonderful non-governmental organizations – where a youth teaches youth. I am interested in such activities I would like to do it in my future. In my little hometown there is a lack of such activities for young people, so I’d like to create something like this.

The meeting with Linas Ramanauskas in Art colony was also very good. The best part of that day was “Get to know each other session” lead by Indre. It helped a lot to memorize all participant names and to finds some common connections.
A visit to Klaipeda Cultural Communication Centre has also been valuable. Communication and culture are several important areas of life.

Thank for all people for the new company, the smiles, the wonderful travel and a few days spent together, which was something new.


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