(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – Kristina’s reflection (LT)

Before this trip I knew only about several organizations and sill that information wasn‘t so detailed. As it could be expected the cultural animation isn‘t developed in Lithuania, but there are some cultural animation traits in certain organizations.
I have heard many positive evaluations about Art Colony, that it is a great place for artists where not only Lithuanian but also artists from all over the world come there. I know as well that the Art Colony team is very active. They write the projects and apply to different funds. After visiting it I was not disappointed. I found a modern building, the newest technologies and cozy environment. I would not call it as a minus that we didn’t find a lot of cultural animation traits, because this place is directed towards other activities such as creative work and artists.

The Cultural Communication centre caused an ambiguous impression. First of all, the reason is that they have wonderful conditions to carry out various activities (exhibitions, workshops, performances), which they do, but they have a skeptical attitude towards the community. They said that the community was passive and was not interested in the cultural life. The question arises, so why they are doing all this. They state that the community is passive, but they haven’t done everything to interest it. If the community doesn’t go to them, then they have to go into the community.

Probably the warmest memories are about the Fish Eye, maybe because one of the members Dovile leads dance/movements workshops for disabled people. She is able to control the situation creatively, to come closer to a person, to find a solution of a problem and to involve the others. It should be noticed that members of the Fish Eye are devoted people and do that work for free. Although, they have official jobs, but they still try to improve the work of their organization Fish Eye.

The Open Space Youth Center impressed us by the motivated employees, who make huge efforts to attract and work with youth. The center is located in a problematic area, where a lot of young people are not interested in anything and spent their time in the streets. Youth is provided with a perfect place and space, where they can spend their free time, communicate and develop. The Round Table is a stable, active and strong organization. It collects the information about NGO and helps them to apply for support. This organization itself could help the others in solving various problems and the additional money for it could be used in supporting newly established or weaker organizations.

Kretinga culture Centre like many other Lithuanian culture centers is based on community good- will and wish to get involved and to be active in the cultural life. First of all, people get involved in all activities for themselves. The organizational system of the culture center is still based on the old soviet tradition, but the director and the director’s assistant are open to innovations and new offers. Activities of Krentinga culture Centre are directly related to the needs of the community. The most active members are the elder people. So, activities and events are adapted to them.

Moletai culture managers are women, who do the altruistic work. As they said, “this isn’t a job, this is our life style”. Their commitment, motivation and ambitions can inspire the others. Even when they have to do something on their own money, they do not step back, they do it.

This trip was a wonderful opportunity to understand the possibilities and shortcomings that people face in cultural organizations in various parts of Lithuania. It has revealed that the culture animation implementation can take various forms and activities. The most important thing that matters first of all are people who want to make their and the community life meaningful and interesting.


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