(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – Greta Klimaviciute-Minkstimiene’s reflective diary (LT)

28th June (Thursday)

On this day all travelers (WE ) stood up, eat and went on day trip. We were in Exhibition hall and Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre ( http://www.kulturpolis.lt/en/main.php/id/1 ). In Exhibition hall was 11 artist exhibition. It is project “Between”. Works of art in the exhibition – includes a new abstraction, the art of the new specification.

Here we met with four employees, who work in Exhibition hall and Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre. They talked about the activities of the institution. Our trip here has been very active participants listened to the edema, a lot of questioning. We learned, that Klaipėda Culture Communication Center has mission – to present the points at issue, tendencies, and process of creation of art to the society with the help of contemporary art forms and means. To develop and induce the relationship between the artist and the recipient of his art work with the help of up-to-date information methods and artistic forms, help the artists of the city integrating into the national and international context, reduce social exclusion between the creators of different art regions and the end-users of culture. Klaipėda Culture Communication Center was founded in 2005. The creative structure of one of the biggest art centers in Lithuania today comprises the Exhibition Hall, International Art Residence and Studio, the Culture Portal ( www.kulturpolis.lt ). The Culture Portal running for three years, on the air since 2009. The portal is aimed at analyzing and reviewing the Lithuanian art stage, presenting tendencies, points at issue, information about art competitions, residences, and the biggest art events in the world.

Important to note, that in Exhibition hall and Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre organizes national and international contemporary art projects, performs/dissemination of cultural information, develops creative industries, presenting own and other organizers’ projects. KCCC establishes conditions for exhaustive presentation of art tendencies in Lithuania and the rest of the world. These activities are aimed at active reflection on social, curating, art criticism, other contemporary art subjects as well as promotion of debates in the community of end-users of culture. Besides the exhibition organization activities, KCCC also presents experimental events of modern music and cinema, organizes meetings with the artists, art curators and art critics, seminars and lectures to review the points at issue and tendencies of the art.

This is of course important, that in this place is and international art residence and workshops. Arts and Crafts Courtyard, administered by KCCC, is a unique cultural segment in the seaport, which has united the initiatives of demonstration of creative work and young artists as well as integration of various social groups into the process relating to the knowledge of art. In four all-year-round open workshops local and residing artists have a possibility to not only present their creative work, but they also take part in educational programs for children and adults, conduct workshops and classes on professional excellence.

Briefly speaking – this is a good place. In this place we have learned that there are educational activities, seminars, weekend activities take place, the work groups. We saw come home to artists. This takes care of Klaipeda in cultural life. and who is not a good idea of what we heard that communication is important in all areas and was get presents.

Then we had lunch.

Then we went to participate in workshop. Workshop was in “Fish eye”. Žuvies akis (Fish eye) ( http://www.zuviesakis.lt/en/ ).

The group “Fish Eye” (“Žuvies akis”) was established in 2002, and joins young artists of Klaipėda city (Lithuania), representing different genres of art: design, choreography, modern dance, sculpture, art critics. The name of the group is related to the character of group’s activities (openness to innovations, artistic experiments, energy and knowledge) as well as particularity of the city (the only harbor of Lithuania).

The main aims of the group are to unite young artists, to help them get integrated into the cultural life, to induce them to improve both in the sphere of ideas and technologies; to organize various cultural events, to present cultural talents to society and to collaborate with perspective artists from Lithuania and foreign countries; thus to make cultural life of Klaipėda and Lithuania more active and diverse.

Fields of group’s activities:

  • Initiation and organization of various cultural events, especially modern dance performances, and open-air projects;
  • Organization of the annual International Festival of Contemporary Arts “PLArTFORMA”;
  • Development of collaboration and communication between Lithuanian and foreign artists;
  • Stimulation of activity and diversity of cultural life in Klaipėda, and thus in all Lithuania.

It is these are the distinguishing fact that here we saw a workshop with disabled people. It’s like a dance / movement therapy. This activity was based on certain activities: people standing in a circle, said his name, and a rood movement, walked the halls infected area had a true eye-catcher in the walls, sports, everything went to the music. Our part of the project participants also participated in the activities of others watched. Activity was very interesting sculpture modeling in pairs, saying their names, as well as dancing with a scarf.

This day we have and a meeting with Modestas Vitkus. He is Klaipėda city youth affairs coordinator. The meeting was in “Atviros erdvės jaunimo centre” ( “Open space youth center” ). In this place was very interesting. Very important thing in Klaipėda city is that municipal youth affair coordinators work with the youth, with youth initiative groups and with youth organizations in different directions: employing leisure time, voluntary work, non-formal education, ensuring of youth participation in the local municipal administration. The youth affairs coordinator of the district, region, town or rural municipality plans and coordinates the work in the local territory, to give the youth support and assistance.

Here we learned, and many other useful things about the non-governmental organization. Klaipeda Open Space Youth Centre is a very important place. It is the place where the children’s homes, adult learning center, has the highest crime is the lowest youth employment rate. he youth center is a lot of activities for young people. Here is a dance, sports, music, space, book exchange, a model lanes, rest area, yard playground. Establishment of the Centre was based on the idea of an integrated youth policy. Because young people need safe places. As was briefly mentioned – the center of the city was founded in very bad region around a lot of institutions – children’s homes, shopping center, interfaith church. This open space is not a youth center only a project, work with young people. This allows you to address important issues for young people. It worked in several directions, guided by the database, made meetings takes place in working groups, and thus promoting communication. Modestas Vitkus said that during the month, 500 young people visited the center during the year 6000th In summer, they are less. This takes place and specific events. All of this principle is that a young man teaching a young man. The rules here creates the youth, supervises all the young people themselves, tell what is wrong.. The sense of community is born. Motestas Vitkus said that before Christmas there was discussion of the event. His theme was – “Who Stole Christmas?”. It was formed and the football team. She will play the first city Place the flat. held hands and bending exercises. They lead the world vice-champion. There are days here when visiting parents and young people in order to know where you are visiting their children. This staff is experienced in the past. They realize their bold ideas, and improves the situation. These same workers are attracted young people in the street here, in addition to the very young there other triggers. All work together in the streets, solving problems. Lithuania has 7 of these organizations (in Klaipeda, Kaunas, Siauliai and Alytus). This is a very beautiful idea, an opportunity which is worth use goodness sake.

28th June was very good and nice travel day.


My reflection

The trip was very wonderful, exciting and inspiring. Since studying art criticism, I am interested in education – the trip was worthwhile, it has broadened my knowledge. This is an opportunity that was worth using. I am glad that I was selected to travel to Localize project last trip. Impressed by ‘Fish Eye’ activities. Movement therapy for people with disabilities requires a large amount of work and dedication. Besides seeing people with disabilities to experience the joy of inner peace, communication, happiness – tapping the heart. They are pleased at what you did – a great achievement for them. Most interested in art therapy, and therapy based on the idea of art has been very helpful to see. This is every day more and more popular thing.

Great interest and led to Modesto Vitkus your ideas and Open Space Youth Centre. This is a very nice idea, which is based on youth policy. Young people in our society is needed. But very unfortunate because there are a lot of unmotivated youth. However, you can be glad that there are people who care about young people, some of them motivation, set up such wonderful non-governmental organizations – where a young man teaches, protects a young man. I am interested in such activities. I dream of teaching. My little hometown of activities for young people, so I’d like to create something like that.

Time art colony was also very good. It was not only possible to see something amazing, but thanks to the Indre and games – to become better acquainted with the fellow.

A visit to Klaipeda Cultural Communication Centre has also been valuable. Communication and culture across several important areas of life.

Thank for all people for the new company, the smiles, the wonderful travel and a few days spent together, which was something new a few.


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