(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – research questions (UK)

At the planning meeting on 12th June for UK participants on the forthcoming study visit to Lithuania, we agreed on the following questions that will help to focus our research and discussions:

“How do creative arts projects address the universal challenges of fostering well-being, inclusion, resilience and resources?

How do voluntary sector organisations support this?”

Based on discussions at our preparation meeting for Lithuania II trip on 1st June 2012.

Our experience includes:

  • working with Young people with autism
  • working with Young people who are vulnerable, with learning difficulties
  • working with people with learning disabilities
  • being  a “disability ally” and working in community TV


  • Government funding for work with older people? Is is future focussed, emphasis on youth?
  • high suicide rate?
  • is economic situation in Poland better?
  • attitudes between Poles and Lithuanians?
  • what is being built/ developed?
  • relationship with Russia? identity? language?
  • politics – state, socialist, activist, capitalist?
  • role of community arts?
  • attitudes to folk art/ heritage?
  • hatred/ hate, racism, diversity?


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