Creative Communities

“Community”, especially when used in the term “local community”, is one of those ideas like “participation” or “emancipation” that become immensely popular from time to time and that freely migrate across different contexts when their popularity is at its height. […]

This book presents a number of activities initiated by or addressed to specific groups of people who use artistic means to talk about their lives, establish new relationships, transform their immediate surroundings, influence local policies, and simply pursue their interests. These communities are not necessarily defined by a common place of residence; their members may be connected by social affiliation, age group, ethnic background, religious affiliation or some common cause or issue. […]

This book is an invitation to set off on an individual journey, one that could not be defined without the experience of the journeys that have already taken place. We would like to thank everyone who, in 2011–2012, put up the study trip participants in their homes, community centres, culture centres and theatres, who waited for hours for travellers who were running late, who invited them to the common table, who revealed and shared the techniques and skills of the work they performed, who talked about both their successes and failures, answered difficult questions and accepted the admiration and criticism of their guests, and finally invited them to come again. This book is dedicated to them all. 

Creative Communities – PDF of the book


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