The Cultural Center of Kretinga

The cultural center of Kretinga region was founded in
1972. On 8th April, 2005, the Cultural Center of Kretinga region officially registered its name in Register of Legal Entities. The Cultural Center is located in a building area of 3255 square meters. The center has five halls – the grand hall (514 seats), hall of theater-studio “Atžalynas” (50 seats), two exhibition halls (173 sq. m [...]. Read more

625 year anniversary of the city Moletai

Throughout the year there has been a variety of Molėtai birthday events – from conferences to sport events or exhibitions. Town festival culminated in June 29 – July 1. It is expected that it will be massive East Highland Summer Festival, which will see a series of events and lots of guests who visit.

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Living Library

Living Library is method of informal education, encouranging social awareness, tolerance and respect for human rights. Living library consists of Living books, librarians and readers.

Living Books are people from vulnerable social groups, experiencing discrimination or stereotypes in society. Living books have a lot to say about discrimination, social inequality, answer a lot of deep [...]. Read more

Active Communities in Podlasie region (PL)

The fifth study trip took place in Podlasie region – a place known for its multicultural and  diverse religious communities. In contrast to two previous study trips, it focused on rural areas and communities of small towns and villages.

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The Volunteer Fire Department in ‘Boćki’

The Volunteer Fire Department in ‘Boćki’ (Polish: ‘Storks’) was founded in 1909. Apart from the male section (30 persons), there are two Young Volunteer Fire Sections (five boys and five girls) and a Female Fire Section (eleven women). The VFD has also the active Brass Band and the ‘Klekociaki’ (‘Clatterers’) Folk Band. The VFD is based in a brick, centrally heated fire station with [...]. Read more

Pocztówka Cultural Association, Policzna

The Pocztówka Cultural Association from Policzna was formed by a group of independent artists connected mainly with the theatre, but also with photography and music. Apart from artistic activities, the Wertep International Theatre Festival is the most important undertaking of the Association. The Festival is a travelling one and its performances are organised in the towns and villages [...]. Read more

Malinki’ folk theatre

The ‘Malinki’ folk theatre from Malinniki was set up in 1998 (Polish: ‘Raspberries’ – a play on words related to the name of the village they come from). Nowadays, its activities are conducted in the Commune Culture Centre in Orla. ‘Malinki’ keep the local tradition and the language alive by performing songs characteristic of the village of Malinniki without accompaniment as well as [...]. Read more

Jan Józef Lipski Common University in Teremiski

The Jan Józef Lipski Common University in Teremiski is an unofficial, social institution of culture run by the Jacek Kuroń Educational Foundation. Both Jan Józef Lipski and Jacek Kuroń were thinkers and activists of the pro-democratic anti-Communist movement. During first years of its existence, the University aimed to break the barrier to the availability of culture and education [...]. Read more

Centre of Education and Promotion of Belarusian Culture in Szczyty

The Centre of Education and Promotion of Belarusian Culture in Szczyty was set up by the Association of Belarusian Youth. In 2009, they received a subsidy to buy a building of a former school in the town of Szczyty, which is situated at the junction of three counties: Orla, Czyże and Bielsk Podlaski. They are largely inhabited by the Belarusian minority. The Centre runs educational [...]. Read more

Cultural and Recreational Centre in Supraśl

The Cultural and Recreational Centre in Supraśl has been awarded in the competition for the best concept of a local cultural centre as part of the Domy Kultury+ (pl. Culter Houses+) programme run by the National Centre for Culture (NCK). The Centre in Supraśl primarily aims at organising recreational and sports as well as cultural activities, such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions [...]. Read more