Active Communities in Warsaw and Mazovia region (PL)

The third study trip took place in Warsaw and the Mazovia region between November 29th and December 3rd 2011.

The title of the study trip was Warsaw. Inside/Outside and it was focused on the relation between the centre and the periphery, inside and outside of the cultural and social life in this area.

Exploration of the capital city was combined with two regional trips: to Warka and to [...]. Read more

The Local Activity Support Centre (CAL)

The most important non-governmental organization dedicated to local communities in Poland. It creates and coordinates network of people and institutions that promote local development and activism. The Center supports the notion of people’s self organization and mutual-aid in order to activise local communities. Projects persued by the Center aim at building local, regional and national [...]. Read more


It is a district of Warsaw located in its very heart. Yet, Ochota is known for many peaceful areas where you get the impression that the city centre is far away. Also unique are the areas that were not ruined during the Second World War.

Ochota has 21 cultural institutions, the biggest of which is OKO – Ochota Cultural Centre There are also [...]. Read more


Bródno is a housing estate in Targówek, a Warsaw district located on the eastern side of the Vistula river, and it concentrates most cultural activities of Targówek.

Since the district is situated a long way from the city centre, most of its cultural and social events are conducted by the local authorities. It is also the work area of Paweł Althamer, a well-known Polish artist and a [...]. Read more

Stara Praga (The Old Praga)

One of Warsaw’s older districts, Praga is divided into two parts: Praga Południe (South) and Praga Północ (North). A significant part of the buildings in Praga Północ are from the beginning of the 20th century and from the interwar period (The Old Praga).

Year by year, Praga becomes an increasingly popular place to visit, fashionable among young artists in particular. Old tenements and [...]. Read more


Warka is a town with the population of 11 400, famous for its economic enterprises and contribution to culture. Warka is an important industrial and fruit-farming centre in Grójec county, located 60 km south to Warsaw.

The W.A.R.K.A.Association aims to develop the local areaby stimulating activity and promotion of residents of Grójec county. Ithas run more than 90 social projects in [...]. Read more

Podkowa Leśna

Podkowa Leśna (pronounced: poht-KOH-vah LESH-nah) is a town located 25 km from Warsaw, with a population of 4000. Founded in 1925, the town is surrounded by the forest on three sides and has numerous green areas. That’s why Podkowa Leśna is called a ‘garden-town’. The town is famous for its unique urban architecture and many buildings from the interwar years. The community of Podkowa [...]. Read more

The Laboratory of Creative Education (LET)

Since 1989, the Laboratory has been implementing the idea of active culture put into artistic practice by Jerzy Grotowski. Their projects also reflect psychological ideas, in particular the idea of humanistic psychology. LET deals with all areas of contemporary art and the exhibition programme of CSW (The Centre for Contemporary Art in the Ujazdowski Castle). Their main goal is to build [...]. Read more

The Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’

The Association educates young people through artistic activities, teaches them how to accept new challenges and helps them to find the way to realise their ideas. It works on both local and nationwide levels. The Association is known for projects ‘Young cultural managers’, ‘Seniors in action’, ‘Animatornia’ and research projects implemented all over Poland.

‘The Association of Creative [...]. Read more

Grupa OkołoFotograficzna (CircaPhotographic Group)

An informal group of acquaintances, formed in 2006 as a follow-up to the inspiring workshop by the photographer Juliusz Sokołowski. The Group members are students as well as graduates of the Faculty of Polish Studies and the Institute of Polish Culture of the University of Warsaw. Since the very beginning, the Group has focused on photography-related activities.

By what we do we try to [...]. Read more