London and South East England – II UK Study Trip

London contains some of the largest and smallest community, cultural and arts organisations in the UK; and we have tried to ensure that the participants have an opportunity to see how work is undertaken in a range of organisations.

Resilience is the theme, which we would like to consider as a discussion topic during the visit, and it is a theme, which connects all of our visits. The UK [...]. Read more

Tuesday 20 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Art in the Park, Burgess Park in Southwark.

The whole group travelled together to Southwark to visit Andrea  at Art in the Park. During a tour of the organisation’s projects in Burgess Park where it is based, Andrea explained the history of the site and showed us some of the artworks and vegetable and herb growing areas. Back at the studio, there was informal chatting with a nice cup of [...]. Read more

Active communities in London and South East England (UK)

London defines itself as the cultural capital of the world. Its museums, galleries  and theatres consider themselves as world leaders often with good reason.  However under the surface gleam, there lurks another London, a London of local communities with a diverse cultures often rubbing shoulder to shoulder with international tourists.

This study trip focuses on how communities in [...]. Read more

Wednesday 21 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Visit to the Tate

Talk and ‘workshop’ from Liz Ellis, with help from assistant Rosie (Curator).

Liz could not have been more welcoming and considerate. She gave her time and arranged for us to meet other researchers – two people from Canada who are visiting the Tate to observe how galleries connect with education.  We were given refreshments and Liz accompanied us into the galleries to [...]. Read more

Thursday 22 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

The Conference ICA – Participatory Arts:  Because We’re Worth it. 

As ICA writes on their website, “Because we’re worth it! is an important national Summit exploring and celebrating the value of participatory arts, held 22 March at the ICA in London. Participatory arts have the power to change people’s lives for the better; provide connections, experiences and rich stories. The UK’s [...]. Read more

Friday 23 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Thoughts about research

The UK Localise team hosted a week’s visit to London, providing a timetable of events and trips within the city for Polish and Lithuanian participants to sample participatory arts activity and to consider what each activity was about, who was it for, how did it develop, how did it function. How did it compare to Polish and Lithuanian equivalents? were there any [...]. Read more

II UK Study Trip (London and South East England) Participants

 UK participants:

The first meeting for all participants taking part in the UK group for the 4th Localise Study visit took place last week.  As a way to get to know each other we created mini postcard memoirs.  Below are our creations!… Still to come is Sandra Hall’s card, watch this space!

Jane Goetzee  is a Liverpool-based artist and has worked in community arts for twelve years [...]. Read more

Active Communities in Warsaw and Mazovia region (PL)

The third study trip took place in Warsaw and the Mazovia region between November 29th and December 3rd 2011.

The title of the study trip was Warsaw. Inside/Outside and it was focused on the relation between the centre and the periphery, inside and outside of the cultural and social life in this area.

Exploration of the capital city was combined with two regional trips: to Warka and to [...]. Read more

The Local Activity Support Centre (CAL)

The most important non-governmental organization dedicated to local communities in Poland. It creates and coordinates network of people and institutions that promote local development and activism. The Center supports the notion of people’s self organization and mutual-aid in order to activise local communities. Projects persued by the Center aim at building local, regional and national [...]. Read more


It is a district of Warsaw located in its very heart. Yet, Ochota is known for many peaceful areas where you get the impression that the city centre is far away. Also unique are the areas that were not ruined during the Second World War.

Ochota has 21 cultural institutions, the biggest of which is OKO – Ochota Cultural Centre There are also [...]. Read more