Žuvies akis (Fish Eye)

The group “Fish Eye” (“Zuvies akis”) was established in 2002, and joins young artists of Klaipėda city, representing different genres of art: design, choreography, modern dance, sculpture, art critics.
The name of the group is related to the character of group’s activities (openness to innovations, artistic experiments, energy and knowledge) as well as particularity of the city (the [...]. Read more

Saturday 30th of June – photos and programme (LT)

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Modestas Vitkus (Klaipėda city youth affairs coordinator)

Municipal youth affair coordinator works with the youth, with youth initiative groups and with youth organizations in different directions: employing leisure time, voluntary work, non-formal education, ensuring of youth participation in the local municipal administration. The youth affairs coordinator of the district, region, town or rural municipality plans and coordinates the work in [...]. Read more

Sunday 1st of July – photos and programme (LT)

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Atviros erdvės jaunimo centras / Open space Youth Centre

Open space youth centre  is the place in Kaipėda city where youth can express themselves in various activities. This centre is working with unmotivated youth from problematic district of Klaipėda city. How this youth centre works? Youth gathers in one place and spends time with their fellows they can organize for themselves various projects, activities and celebrations, they can consult [...]. Read more

Klaipeda Association of Youth Organizations “Apskritasis Stalas” (KLAS) (“Round table”)

Klaipeda Association of Youth Organisations “Apskritasis stalas” (KLAS) was founded in 9 October 1998. KLAS unites 25 youth and with youth working organizations, forms and realizes youth policy in Klaipeda city. KLAS also coordinates the activities of youth organizations, provide them important information, various services, conducts training for leaders of youth organizations on [...]. Read more

The Cultural Center of Kretinga

The cultural center of Kretinga region was founded in
1972. On 8th April, 2005, the Cultural Center of Kretinga region officially registered its name in Register of Legal Entities. The Cultural Center is located in a building area of 3255 square meters. The center has five halls – the grand hall (514 seats), hall of theater-studio “Atžalynas” (50 seats), two exhibition halls (173 sq. m [...]. Read more

625 year anniversary of the city Moletai

Throughout the year there has been a variety of Molėtai birthday events – from conferences to sport events or exhibitions. Town festival culminated in June 29 – July 1. It is expected that it will be massive East Highland Summer Festival, which will see a series of events and lots of guests who visit.


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Living Library

Living Library is method of informal education, encouranging social awareness, tolerance and respect for human rights. Living library consists of Living books, librarians and readers.

Living Books are people from vulnerable social groups, experiencing discrimination or stereotypes in society. Living books have a lot to say about discrimination, social inequality, answer a lot of deep [...]. Read more

(PL) Podlasie: Reflections on returning from Poland’s Podlasie region (UK)

Before setting off to Poland the group of 6 people who went to Poland as the British group had 3 meetings where we discussed the information that had been sent to us and our preconceptions prior to leaving.  We arrived at the following questions.

1)    What is the role of a cultural animator? What is the role of the Artist?

2)    Are projects led by professionals or volunteers?

3)    [...]. Read more