Atviros erdvės jaunimo centras / Open space Youth Centre

Open space youth centre  is the place in Kaipėda city where youth can express themselves in various activities. This centre is working with unmotivated youth from problematic district of Klaipėda city. How this youth centre works? Youth gathers in one place and spends time with their fellows they can organize for themselves various projects, activities and celebrations, they can consult [...]. Read more

Klaipeda Association of Youth Organizations “Apskritasis Stalas” (KLAS) (“Round table”)

Klaipeda Association of Youth Organisations “Apskritasis stalas” (KLAS) was founded in 9 October 1998. KLAS unites 25 youth and with youth working organizations, forms and realizes youth policy in Klaipeda city. KLAS also coordinates the activities of youth organizations, provide them important information, various services, conducts training for leaders of youth organizations on [...]. Read more

The Cultural Center of Kretinga

The cultural center of Kretinga region was founded in
1972. On 8th April, 2005, the Cultural Center of Kretinga region officially registered its name in Register of Legal Entities. The Cultural Center is located in a building area of 3255 square meters. The center has five halls – the grand hall (514 seats), hall of theater-studio “Atžalynas” (50 seats), two exhibition halls (173 sq. m [...]. Read more

625 year anniversary of the city Moletai

Throughout the year there has been a variety of Molėtai birthday events – from conferences to sport events or exhibitions. Town festival culminated in June 29 – July 1. It is expected that it will be massive East Highland Summer Festival, which will see a series of events and lots of guests who visit.

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Living Library

Living Library is method of informal education, encouranging social awareness, tolerance and respect for human rights. Living library consists of Living books, librarians and readers.

Living Books are people from vulnerable social groups, experiencing discrimination or stereotypes in society. Living books have a lot to say about discrimination, social inequality, answer a lot of deep [...]. Read more

(UK) London – reflection by Silvija Butkute (LT)

“Localise” study trip to London was the third for me in all my participating experience in this project. After second journey to Warsaw, most of project members were inspired and got plenty of ideas. Warsaw showed us the power of culture animation, how it is useful and necessary for the people.

London was totally different. For example I had no ideas how culture animation works here [...]. Read more

Thursday 22 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

The Conference ICA – Participatory Arts:  Because We’re Worth it. 

As ICA writes on their website, “Because we’re worth it! is an important national Summit exploring and celebrating the value of participatory arts, held 22 March at the ICA in London. Participatory arts have the power to change people’s lives for the better; provide connections, experiences and rich stories. The UK’s [...]. Read more

Friday 23 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Thoughts about research

The UK Localise team hosted a week’s visit to London, providing a timetable of events and trips within the city for Polish and Lithuanian participants to sample participatory arts activity and to consider what each activity was about, who was it for, how did it develop, how did it function. How did it compare to Polish and Lithuanian equivalents? were there any [...]. Read more

II UK Study Trip (London and South East England) Participants

 UK participants:

The first meeting for all participants taking part in the UK group for the 4th Localise Study visit took place last week.  As a way to get to know each other we created mini postcard memoirs.  Below are our creations!… Still to come is Sandra Hall’s card, watch this space!

Jane Goetzee  is a Liverpool-based artist and has worked in community arts for twelve years [...]. Read more

Active Communities in Warsaw and Mazovia region (PL)

The third study trip took place in Warsaw and the Mazovia region between November 29th and December 3rd 2011.

The title of the study trip was Warsaw. Inside/Outside and it was focused on the relation between the centre and the periphery, inside and outside of the cultural and social life in this area.

Exploration of the capital city was combined with two regional trips: to Warka and to [...]. Read more