(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – Kristina’s reflection (LT)

Before this trip I knew only about several organizations and sill that information wasn‘t so detailed. As it could be expected the cultural animation isn‘t developed in Lithuania, but there are some cultural animation traits in certain organizations.
I have heard many positive evaluations about Art Colony, that it is a great place for artists where not only Lithuanian but also [...]. Read more

(LT) Samogitia and Aukštaitija – Karolina’s reflection (LT)

The trip was very wonderful, exciting and inspiring. Since studying art criticism, I am interested in education – the trip was worthwhile, it broadened my knowledge. This is an opportunity that was worth using. I am glad that I was selected to travel to Localize project last trip.

Impressed by ‘Fish Eye’ activities. Movement therapy for people with disabilities requires a large [...]. Read more

(PL) Podlasie – understanding the region


Podlaskie Voivodeship covers an area of 20 187 km2. It is divided into seventeen counties: Białystok County, Białystok City County, Sokółka County, Bielsk Podlaski County, Hajnówka County, Kolno County, Łomża County, Łomża City County, Siemiatycze County, Wysokie Mazowieckie County, Zambrów County, Augustów County, Grajewo County, Mońki County, Sejny [...]. Read more

(PL) Podlasie: Reflection of Rūta Morkūnaitė (LT)

Though this Localise trip over all was 5th, for me it was the first one. During the project we’ve visited lot of places, villages, tiny burgs, townships, communities and in every place we met people, who are using art (some form of art) as a tool to make a change in their community or ethnic group. The artists’ endeavour to incorporate people to some artistic activities is based not on [...]. Read more

(PL) Podlasie: A Cultural Animation project for the UK? – Janine Goldsworthy (UK)

Many of our conversations before we (the UK participants) left for the second visit to Poland centred around the terms and meanings of Artist/Community artist and/or Participatory artist and what assumptions people make of those terms in the UK art world. I had a bit of an epiphany on my visit to Poland and realised that perhaps I am not an Artist, Community artist or a Participatory [...]. Read more

(PL) Podlasie: Reflections on returning from Poland’s Podlasie region (UK)

Before setting off to Poland the group of 6 people who went to Poland as the British group had 3 meetings where we discussed the information that had been sent to us and our preconceptions prior to leaving.  We arrived at the following questions.

1)    What is the role of a cultural animator? What is the role of the Artist?

2)    Are projects led by professionals or volunteers?

3)    [...]. Read more

(UK) London and South East England – understanding the region

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, the largest city, urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the European Union by most measures.

London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport all [...]. Read more

(UK) London – thoughts on research by Jane Goetzee (UK)

The UK Localise team hosted a week’s visit to London, providing a timetable of events and trips within the city for Polish and Lithuanian participants to sample participatory arts activity and to consider what each activity was about, who was it for, how did it develop, how did it function. How did it compare to Polish and Lithuanian equivalents? were there any equivalents? and so on [...]. Read more

(UK) London – (In)correct approaches by Martynas Petrikas (LT)

After a week rich in experiences and ideas one of them appeared to be constantly reoccurring: a great deal of artists and theoreticians we have met in London seemed to be preoccupied with the status of participatory art.

Interesting enough my own topic of enquiry before the study trip began was an issue relating to the same problem: i. e. how to recognize and keep up (or tear down) [...]. Read more

(UK) London – reflection by Silvija Butkute (LT)

“Localise” study trip to London was the third for me in all my participating experience in this project. After second journey to Warsaw, most of project members were inspired and got plenty of ideas. Warsaw showed us the power of culture animation, how it is useful and necessary for the people.

London was totally different. For example I had no ideas how culture animation works here [...]. Read more