(UK) London and South East England – understanding the region

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, the largest city, urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the European Union by most measures.

London is a leading global city, with strengths in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport all [...]. Read more

(UK) London – thoughts on research by Jane Goetzee (UK)

The UK Localise team hosted a week’s visit to London, providing a timetable of events and trips within the city for Polish and Lithuanian participants to sample participatory arts activity and to consider what each activity was about, who was it for, how did it develop, how did it function. How did it compare to Polish and Lithuanian equivalents? were there any equivalents? and so on [...]. Read more

(UK) London – (In)correct approaches by Martynas Petrikas (LT)

After a week rich in experiences and ideas one of them appeared to be constantly reoccurring: a great deal of artists and theoreticians we have met in London seemed to be preoccupied with the status of participatory art.

Interesting enough my own topic of enquiry before the study trip began was an issue relating to the same problem: i. e. how to recognize and keep up (or tear down) [...]. Read more

(UK) London – reflection by Silvija Butkute (LT)

“Localise” study trip to London was the third for me in all my participating experience in this project. After second journey to Warsaw, most of project members were inspired and got plenty of ideas. Warsaw showed us the power of culture animation, how it is useful and necessary for the people.

London was totally different. For example I had no ideas how culture animation works here [...]. Read more

(UK) London – notes from a reflective diary by Jane Goetzee (UK)

 Tuesday 20th March 2012 

Spare Tyre’s Tuesday afternoon session at Redbridge Community Centre  (connectedculture).

A group of 7 of us visited Redbridge to meet the group – a company of adults with learning difficulties who were preparing a performance based on machines, with the assistance of Nick – the musician, and Claire, the drama facilitator. This was the 9th week of rehearsals [...]. Read more

(UK) London – evaluation report (compiled by Janet Hetherington)

This is a summary evaluation report compiled by the UK leader for the UK Study Trip and incorporating the feedback from the Polish, Lithuanian and UK groups and leaders.

The preparation meetings attended by the UK group served as a good way for the group to get to know each other and become co partners in the delivery, planning and evaluation of the project. Information was readily [...]. Read more

(UK) Staffordshire and West Midlands – understanding the region

The texts providing insight into Staffordshire and West Midlands include policy documents, project descriptions, project evaluation reports and websites with resources and documentation.

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(UK) Staffordshire and West Midlands – participative research during the study trip

Polish and Lithuanian study trip participants had chosen and discussed their research questions during the preparation phase of the first study trip to Staffordshire and West Midlands regions. Study trip itself proved to be an opportunity to observe, compare contexts and seek answers to the aforementioned questions.

As a result, the participants wrote reports that were later discussed [...]. Read more

(UK) United Kingdom – research into national policy, community arts and general country background

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The country includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands. Northern Ireland shares a land border with another sovereign state—the Republic of Ireland. Apart from this land border [...]. Read more

(UK) Participant research – notes from reflective diaries (UK group)

“Stoke-On-Trent is full of people who want to try and make a difference and enjoy coming together to socialize and to try and improve the area.  There is evidence of identifying problems “Signs of apology” and then trying to do something about it.

There is also a feeling of celebration of heritage in Stoke-On-Trent and a sense of pride.  The Burslem school of art celebrates sights of [...]. Read more