Podlasie – II PL Study Trip

Podlaskie Voivodeship covers an area of 20 187 km2. It is divided into seventeen counties: Białystok County, Białystok City County, Sokółka County, Bielsk Podlaski County, Hajnówka County, Kolno County, Łomża County, Łomża City County, Siemiatycze County, Wysokie Mazowieckie County, Zambrów County, Augustów County, Grajewo County, Mońki County, Sejny County, Suwałki County, and Suwałki [...]. Read more

Sunday 6th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

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Monday 7th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

The Volunteer Fire Department in ‘Boćki’ (Polish: ‘Storks’) was founded in 1909. Apart from the male section (30 persons), there are two Young Volunteer Fire Sections (five boys and five girls) and a Female Fire Section (eleven women). The VFD has also the active Brass Band and the ‘Klekociaki’ (‘Clatterers’) Folk Band. The VFD is based in a brick, centrally heated fire station with [...]. Read more

Tuesday 8th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

The ‘Malinki’ folk theatre from Malinniki was set up in 1998 (Polish: ‘Raspberries’ – a play on words related to the name of the village they come from). Nowadays, its activities are conducted in the Commune Culture Centre in Orla. ‘Malinki’ keep the local tradition and the language alive by performing songs characteristic of the village of Malinniki without accompaniment as well as [...]. Read more

Wednesday 9th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

The Centre of Education and Promotion of Belarusian Culture in Szczyty was set up by the Association of Belarusian Youth. In 2009, they received a subsidy to buy a building of a former school in the town of Szczyty, which is situated at the junction of three counties: Orla, Czyże and Bielsk Podlaski. They are largely inhabited by the Belarusian minority. The Centre runs educational [...]. Read more

Thursday 10th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

The Cultural and Recreational Centre in Supraśl has been awarded in the competition for the best concept of a local cultural centre as part of the Domy Kultury+ (pl. Culture Houses+) programme run by the National Centre for Culture (NCK). The Centre in Supraśl primarily aims at organising recreational and sports as well as cultural activities, such as festivals, concerts and [...]. Read more

Friday 11th May 2012 – photos and programme (PL)

The Lithuanian Culture Centre in Puńsk opened in 1956. Since its beginning, it has attracted singers, musicians, dancers and actors of barn theatres. People come to the Centre to attend lectures on various subjects and take part in chess and draughts tournaments. When they have a free evening, farmers read newspapers and listen to the Lithuanian radio in the Centre. Moreover, the Centre [...]. Read more

II PL (Podlasie) Study Trip Participants


Zofia Dworakowska

I graduated theatrology and sociology. As a coordinator, curator, and participant I took a part in different kinds of projects connected with culture animation and alternative theatre. I am leading the Culture Animation specialization in the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University and I am a coordinator of the LOCALISE project.

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London and South East England – II UK Study Trip

London contains some of the largest and smallest community, cultural and arts organisations in the UK; and we have tried to ensure that the participants have an opportunity to see how work is undertaken in a range of organisations.

Resilience is the theme, which we would like to consider as a discussion topic during the visit, and it is a theme, which connects all of our visits. The UK [...]. Read more

Monday 19 March 2012 – photos and programme (UK)

Monday began with a walk to Holburn Community Association. Having sampled the hotels breakfast for the first time, everyone was ready for the walk to the community association, which took us through a diverse community located close to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Coram fields. A mixture of residential and retail facilities filled the route, with kebab housing mingling amongst more [...]. Read more