Contexts and inspirations:


Youth projects and initiatives:

  • „Think Green“ project runs various workshops related with creative ecology:
  • “Living Library” project is a method of informal education, encouraging social awareness, tolerance and respect for human rights:
  •  “Young Journalist” programme recognizes talented young journalists during the period, when their writing skills are being shaped. It motivates them, provides information, supports and enables for the socially responsible activity:
  • The aim of “Visi skirting, visi lygus” programme is to enable young people to participate actively within creation of the peaceful communities, which are based on diversity, social inclusion, mutual understanding:
  • The aim of “I love Graffiti” programme is to solve the social problems in the language of youth – graffiti language:
  • Institute for Social Integration organization creates and applies social innovations, which supports the integration of the persons from various socially vulnerable groups within the manifold society:


Cultural centers: